Importance of General Awareness in SSC CGL Exam

Importance of General Awareness in SSC CGL Exam : General Awareness, be it current or static, is a vital facet of any competitive exam. If anyone is not aware of what is happening around him / her, then it will hamper the overall selection process in some way or the other. Lack of general awareness can take you to the last level of exam but in order to clear the group discussion or interview (in few of the exams) you must be aware of the latest happening surrounding you. Lack of knowledge will also restrain you from putting forward your views while interacting with a group of people. Thus, the knowledge of GK is must for exams.
In this article, we have discussed the importance of General Awareness section for the SSC CGL Exam and how one must prepare for it. 

Importance of General Awareness and tips to score in GA Section

  • The General Awareness section is the most scoring section of CGL exam which takes a few minutes to solve 25 questions with a good accuracy and score 35+ marks, thereby giving a competitive edge to one and all. It includes questions from different areas like Current Affairs, History, Polity, Geography, Computer, Economics, and Science, etc. So, knowledge of each subsection is a must thereby making GA an important aspect of SSC CGL exams.
  • In this section, the questions asked are mostly based on facts. So, it is a one-time investment. That is, you need to memorize the facts from Static GK, Science along with the current affairs of at least last 6 months. So, dedicate enough time to each topic and grasp each section carefully and be prepared thoroughly for the same. 
  • Go through the books of NCERT of class 6 – 10. This will act as a foundation of this section. Once you will build your base, then it will be easy to link further and it will build your interest at the same time. After that you can go through lucent books i.e. both subjective and objective and also attempt sectional tests with varied difficulty level. This will boost your performance and will raise your confidence but at the same time don’t get disappointed with the low scores in sectional tests. Identify your loopholes and try to make up for them carefully. 
  • As mentioned above, attempt ‘n’ number of mock tests for this section. This will make you aware of the type of the questions being asked and thus will help you prepare accordingly. Sometimes we are through with this section theoretically but when coming to objective type questions, there is a gap. So, practicing with the help of sectional tests will help you bridge the gap between theory and practical. 
  • The GA section comprises of 25 questions wherein each questions carry 2 marks. There is no hardcore solution / calculation required for GA questions, so it hardly takes a fraction of second to get the correct answer which will fetch you 2 marks but can also take your 2/ 2.50 marks in case you miss the question or do it incorrectly. This section comprises 25% of the overall score and in SSC CGL even 0.005% can make a difference. So, GA holds importance in 100 questions being asked in SSC CGL. 
  • Read newspaper on a regular basis and take important notes. This will take care of your current affair part. You need not to take any extra effort for the same. Keep revising things in a structured way by connecting the dots and at the same time practice previous year papers. This will help you in other exams as well. 
  • Do not try to cram everything, else it will create a mess in your mind and will end up in confusion. Learning everything will take you nowhere. Grasp what is important and relevant from examination point of view. It will save your time as well. So, devote equal time to this section daily along with the continuous revision. 
  • This section cannot be mastered just by burning midnight oil. So, proper strategic approach is needed in order to perform well in this section. General awareness preparation starts from day 1 of preparation. This section also needs equal time and proper methods to deal with. 

Thus, the main benefit of this section is that there is no calculation involved. Make yourself thoroughly prepared for GK section and update yourself on a regular basis. Don’t forget that this is the least time consuming section, which will help you score good marks with maximum accuracy. Also, thorough awareness will make your conversation interesting in public and will help you in taking better decision and thus, enhancing your public skills. General awareness can be summed into knowing something about everything. 

So, start preparing the General Awareness section for the SSC CGL exam now! 
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