Bank Exam Preparation - बैंकिंग परीक्षा की तैयारी टिप्स, जरुर देखें

There are many bank exams that are conducted across the country. The public sector banks hire based on tests conducted by the IBPS (Institute for Banking Personnel Selection) while private banks have their own exams for recruitment. There are many advantages to being a banker, such as a relatively high salary, good benefits and social standing along with better stability than many other careers. These factors lead many graduates to appear for banking exams. This means high competition for a limited number of openings available each year. Here we bring some insight to help aspirants clear these exams. Some best practices for bank entrance preparation are: 

· Go through the syllabus:

Typically, banks, as well as the IBPS, just give an outline of the syllabus. Based on this outline and the sample study material the institute provides, one can get a fairly accurate number of topics that are repeated in the syllabus. Once this is done, go through the list of topics and compare it with existing lists available from various sites. Once the syllabus has been established, get to the next step.

· Mark important topics:

For this, go through at least past 3-5 years’ papers to identify the average number of marks from each topic. Then arrange the topics in descending order of weightage, marking topics which have shown a consistently high weightage.

· Read basic books first: 

Read books like India Year Book for current affairs, NCERT books for computers and finance etc. as a starting point for each topic. Remember to focus only on those topics and not the whole book.

· Solve sample papers:

Solve as many sample papers as you can to gain enough practice. This would enable fast and accurate problem-solving. Also, attempt the mock tests available on the IBPS website to familiarise yourself with the software used for the exam.

· Identify strengths and weaknesses:

Once all the above steps are done, you would have a fair idea of which areas of the syllabus are your strong point and which ones are weak. The preparation strategy should focus on strengthening weak areas and maintaining strong ones. This should happen early in the bank exam preparation process, preferably the first few days.

· Join a test series:

Find a well-established test series for bank entrance exams and start solving those test series. The ideal test series should be conducted weekly, giving enough time for preparation and plugging gaps in the knowledge level. While choosing a test series, also look for factors such as coverage of the syllabus, average difficulty level etc.

Bank recruitment is a complex process of which the exam is just one part. However, this proves to be a major hurdle for many candidates. The steps given above, when used with a focused and structured strategy, backed up by disciplined preparation will help overcome this hurdle. Being successful in bank examinations opens the door to multiple options in the banking industry which lead to a great career. 

To know about the banking industry in India, check out this video. 

नोट (Note) –
सभी उम्मीदवारों से अनुरोध है कि वे उपयुक्त पद के लिए पात्रता संबधी निर्देशों का अवलोकन भली-भांति कर लें एवं किसी भी विज्ञापन पर आवेदन करने से पहले अपने समझ से काम लेवें। कृपया सटिक एवं अधिक जानकारी के लिए विभागीय नोटिफिकेशन या विज्ञापन देखें। किसी भी स्थिति में विभागीय विज्ञापन में दिये गये निर्देश ही सही माने जावेंगे।

‘‘विस्तृत विज्ञापन डाउनलोड करने के लिए उपर दिये गये बाहरी लिंक (External Link) पर क्लिक करें अथवा विभागीय वेबसाइट पर जायें।’’

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