Why Should You Invest in a Hackathon?

Why Should You Invest in a Hackathon? 

Companies are growing on a rapid scale. Whatever is coming on the way, businesses are trying to deal with them. Actually the harsh reality of this era is that if you are not changing with the changing time, you might be hitting your own feet with an axe. Of course, you would never want to realize that you are lagging behind because of old ways of working. 

The point is there are many concepts out there that you need to use for your growth. You can think of a hackathon or use Hackathon software for online event. You know, in a hackathon, an open field of participants gets to know about the executable solutions following a fixed meeting. These are the competitions that not only strengthen a company's innovative strength via many new concepts. Actually there is a lot that you can get from a hackathon. If you have never used this tool then you need to add it in your toolbox. Whether you are a small sized company or a huge business; you can easily make the most of hackathons. 

Why Should You Invest in a Hackathon?

You can host a hackathon

Yes, if you want you can host a hackathon and professionals, developers and software enthusiasts wouldcome to participate in it. The benefit is that you can look into the talent of people and bring some innovation in your business. You might offer a job to people who are exceptionally good at their work. If you are planning to run a recruitment program but you feel that you might not get a good person for your designation through it then you can think of a hackathon. You never know which individual participating in the event turns out to be the next manager or technical head or coder expert in your business! 

The idea is that you would get to see the skills, mindset and working of the candidate right on the field. Once you can explore who he or she is, how they are working, what they come out with and so on; you can be sure about their recruitment in your organization. Even if you might have to spend little more to get them on board in your business, you should go for it. After all, it is all about what they have and what you get from them. They could be the spark that you need for your business. Their skills, innovation and agility might do wonders for your business and growth. Actually, when you run a recruitment program you know that the people dropping in have done proper prep for the interview and all other things that come along. However, that is not the case in hackathon. Nobody participating there would be thinking that they are there to get recruited. So, it could be like a surprise test for them from your side. 

Why Should You Invest in a Hackathon?

What is the use of sending your employees to a hackathon? 

To host a hackathon is one thing and to participate in one is another. Now if you are planning to send a few of your employees to hackathon program, you might be doing the right thing.There are a few good things that your employees would earn through participating and competing in the hackathon and these are like:

Get experience

As a coding expert,an employee got the skills, but what he or she requires is the experience. The more projects your employees do in the hackathon and compete with other people; the better their skills would become. They would get the experience that is going to be their support for long. Of course, once your employees are getting experience that is good for your business too. 

Expansion of capabilities

To build a product or a project in less than 48 hours do demand a village. Of course the employee would have to come up with an idea, assign roles, whiteboard and so on. Of course they would have to build out the tech, and present their product or project to a panel of experts or judges. By working with a bunch or group of nearly four other developers on a project, the employee would experience and feel what it is like to put their heads together and what they can create as a group and team. Of course, your employee would not just expand his skills and capabilities by doing tasks within a given period but also get to know about the importance of working in groups. 


Come on; if your high officials are going to become a part of a hackathon they might make networks and links that help the business to grow. Of course, it is how most of the things work these days. The more links or networks you have, the better you can grow and soar. Of course, the moment your employees would know more people, explore their ideas and ways of workings; all that is going to be benefiting your business. For that matter if you want to become a part of a hackathon you can do that too. It is not always about the employees but about you too. 

Why Should You Invest in a Hackathon?

Is it expensive?

Well, the good news is that there are many business hackathons that are for no fees. You would not have to spend any pennies on the hackathon. Of course, you might have to work hard to become a part of it and do registration well in time but that is all. Moreover, in some cases, you might have to spend a minimal cost but that would be okay as compared to the experience, links, growth and time you get there. Of course, you get to know about how people are working and what their strategies are. If you compare the price of a hackathon to that of the time you get there; it would be nothing. Come on, you would get a chance to practically execute your own ideas for a specific project; you will express it with the help of your group members and much more. 

So, you should definitely consider hackathon for your business if you seek growth and expansion.

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